This website and this blog was severely neglected. Looking back, I haven’t been as productive as I thought I would be when I started this website. Having said that, I had done and completed some interesting artsy journey that I didn’t think was possible. I took part in three exhibitions and get to know a little bit more the local artists in this area. At first, I experienced massive imposter syndrome and didn’t think I was worthy to be part of these exhibitions with these cool people. I almost didn’t turn up to that first exhibition because I thought perhaps I just got lucky when they accepted my submission and I really didn’t deserved to be at the opening night.

When the opportunity came around for the 2nd exhibition, it didnt feel as daunting as before. Probably because this particular exhibition was open to everyone and there’s no possibility of rejection. 😀 Still, it was a great feelings to know that I had another opportunity to showcase my artwork for a wider audience.

By the time we reach the end of year, and my 3rd exhibition, I started to feel like maybe I could did this. At the opening night, I promised myself that I would talk to more than two people… and I did… a several people. And I actually had fun. And although no one bought my artwork, I felt ok. So I feel like maybe I have progressed somewhat.

I don’t have much ambition when it comes to my artwork. At the end of 2023 and beginning of this year, I saw so many post about people’s goals for 2024. I do admire such clarity and strong will. I have neither of those. But i figure I will start small. Baby steps is what I do best. So here’s what I promise I will do for this year:

  1. Write a blog at least once a month. No one is going read it, I know. But this will at least make me be more conscious about being here and not neglecting it too much.
  2. Watch 1 skillshare video/ week
  3. Keep learning digital illustration. I downloaded an app end of 2023 and have been drawing digitally for the last few weeks as I was travelling. It was real nice to be able to do drawing anytime anywhere with my phone. I really need to keep them up. The first digital drawing I did was my kids and I together in an embrace. It’s a little bit sad that I cannot do any self portrait without those two. My whole identity revolves around them, But to be fair, my doodle journey started because of them. So it does make sense that without them, msdotdoodles won’t exist.

Here’s to 2024. May the odds be ever in my favour.