It’s Christmas eve and I have been awake for hours. Partly because my little one still wakes up so frequently during the night and unfortunately I dont have the ability to fall back to sleep as easily as her. And the other reasons are because my mind is overwhelmed with the list of things I needed to do today to prepare for Christmas day tomorrow. I just popped my home made bread into the oven and now waiting for it to baked, while everyone else still asleep. #mumlife

While being lied awake (and after watching prob close to 45 min worth of tiktoks on Modern Family episodes and random babies.. yes i am a little bit obsessed looking at cute babies and toddlers especially those that include eating..) I decided to  rest my eyes and do what I normally do to wind down and to give my mundane life some perspective… I listen to BBC news podcast.

And did you know, that only a couple days ago, Afghanistan banned girls and women to any form of education?


If that doesn’t enrage you, let me tell you something else. Did you know, the Taliban leaders who made these decision, have been sending their daughters (and still doing so) to study overseas (usually other Islamic countries like Saudi Arabia)? Talking about a bloody hypocrisy. When an interviewer asked some Taliban soldiers what they think about their leader sending their daughters overseas to study, but banned education on women in the country… the soldier replied that the law should be different because Afghanistan is the supreme Islamic country. WTF, right?

Since being taken over by the Taliban, girls and women who left their house could potentially be taken by the Taliban and disappeared for days to months. I am imagining the feelings of these women, whenever they leave the house for errands or to visit family or whatever … and saying bye to your kids and relatives and knowing that there is a possibility that you won’t be coming back in case some moral police or Taliban found you guilty for the most minor thing. This depressed me to no end.

My husband has always said that I am too sensitive and I really shouldn’t be watching the news because I got effected too much. I think he meant well because he couldn’t stand the idea of me being sad. But I also think he is being stupid and he should feel sad with me, or uncomfortable, or enrage that this is happening in the world. He (and every men in this world) should join in the fight to stop this from happening. Apparently that’s what happened to some  brave male students in Afghanistan, who refused to sit for their exams to joined their fellow female students who had been banned from sitting for those exams. And these action didn’t come without consequences.


So happy Christmas everyone! I am 99 percent sure that no one reads this blog. And those who do, most likely would be female. And I know on this day, you would be the one who’s running around like a headless chook to make sure all the kids feel the magic of Christmas, everyone is fed. In fact, you probably already been running around for the last one month organising presents, wrapping them, hiding them… coordinating food, buying last minute groceries. And then tomorrow you will be trying to navigate family gatherings, meeting up with relatives or inlaws you love but cannot stand. Again… #mumlife

Happy Christmas. You are amazing. You made Christmas magical. Santa Claus has nothing on you. I hope your family appreciate you.

Hope you have time to take care of yourself too today and tomorrow.

PS. I realised I have swore alot in this post. I used to be apologetic when I swear. But you know what, if the situation fits… then I think it’s ok. So Fuck you Taliban.