• I love my kids. Of course I do. But right now I am struggling with my 7 yrs old and his demeanour . I feel out of depth and I don’t like him at the moment. I was told that it’s ok not to like your kids all the time. But nevertheless, I am still feeling guilty for not liking him right now and it’s something I cannot say out loud to other mum friends.
  • I am full of anxiety about how this guy is going to turns out. Everytime I lost my shit with him, which followed by more melt down and tears… I feel worried that it’s my fault. And one day he would turn out to be some psychopath or a serial killer and we would look back to this moment… and pointed out that he became the way he was because I didn’t love him enough or I don’t practice gentle parenting, or i didn’t validate his feelings like I should have.
  • I read that when he throws a tantrum over not getting something… I meant to say ” i can see you are frustrated and you dont want to brush your teeth…”. But for the love of God…. I don’t have fucking patience. Instead i say ” ffs… if you dont want to brush your teeth, then DONT, GO TO SLEEP NOW AND WE JUST HAVE TO CHANGE YOUR DIET TOMORROW AND NO MORE F’ing TREATS”
  • I am constantly at the edge of melting down myself.

So there, my bad mum moments. I don’t like sharing this because all i get are more helpful tips and advice and examples of how other gentle parenting mums managed to do their magic and their unicorn kids are now so emotionally developed and mature and I am the problem here. My 7 yrs old is an asshole because I AM A BAD MUM who doesnt validate his feelings.