“Guilt keeps mothers quiet and small. Women should stop feeling guilty and start getting angry. This is how we became motivated to challenge the status quo” – Katherine Goldstein

We just came back from two and half weeks holiday in Indonesia. I was there with just the two kids. And when I came back, I had to do 5 loads of laundry because my husband did not do a single wash while I was away. I found dirty clothes in the basket that we left in there before I went for holiday. Does he know how to work out the washing machine? Yes … yes he does. But why wouldn’t he do it? Because he is a bloody idiot? No. Because he is selfish? No. Because he has such a low standard in cleanliness? Possibly. But most likely because he has never have to laundry and fold clothes away for his whole life. His mum did it all for him until we got married. And after we did get married, I took over that role. And whenever am not around, his mum did it for him again. That is the life he knows.

And whose fault is that? His mum? Totally. His? Definitely. But most of all, the society… for keep encouraging this idea that women does certain domestic work… that these are women’s jobs and not men… men bring home the bacon and women cook them. I say… fuck them. I read a quote recently that we must teach our boys that cooking and cleaning is not gender specific works…It’s basic life skills.

And women,… lets stop feeling guilty about not keeping the house clean, not cooking the healthy stuff for our kids, for letting the kids have too much screen. Because guess what our husbands don’t feel an ounce of this guilt. Don’t let this mum’s guilt be our fucking legacy to our little girls. Don’t let our next generation of girls experience this same shit.