f you are still looking for ideas what gifts to give for new mums, here’s what I found to be life changer

• kindle … because when you are breastfeeding or holding a baby, you can’t read proper books as u haven’t got both hands free!!
• gliding / rocking chair … because babies need rocking and who has that kind of energy?!?!?? .
• blanket / throw .. because we need warmth too, not just the baby
• airpods… because being awake at odd hours, breastfeeding/ rocking a baby in the silence of the night can be isolating and lonely. And listening to music with normal headphones is impossible. .
• Bond zipper suits .. because whoever invented snaps on baby clothes never have to change reflux baby 5 times a night in the middle of the night with eyes half close.
• just a general reminder through msgs, calls, cards, mugs etc that she is doing amazing and she matters, not just the baby.. And this too shall passed.