Hi there!

Thanks for being here. I am not sure anyone still read blogs these days? I imagine with this fast pace world, we just prefer headlines and tiktok and captions. So I am guessing, there’s probably only gonna be two people reading this; my sister who has been so supportive of my illustration gig even before I knew I had one… and some random person who accidentally come across this page. But never mind. Hi! And welcome 🙂

I used to like writing blogs in blogspot.com and diaryland.com (do you remember those? :D) So I am a little bit excited to now have my own blog in my own website! This feels surreal.

By the way, just a reminder that I am not a professional writer, and English is my 2nd language, and I probably write all my blog with Coco Melon blaring in the background, and occasional “mummmmmmyyyyyy…” shriek followed by “I want snackkkkk”, “I am thirsty”, ” I am hot”, or my worst ” I just peed”…. while there’s meals to be prep, laundry to hang, messages to reply. So please excuse all the random train of thoughts and grammatical errors and probably some misspelling here and there.

This blog is not about parenting hacks and tips. Because I am suck at this too. This blog is my space to rant and ramble about my kids, my spouse, and just general boring motherhood moments. I am no under illusion that the blogs are interesting enough for anyone to read. But I guess I am just happy to have a space I can call my own.