It’s 37 degrees today here in Melbourne. We decided to go swimming and while the kids are with my husband, I went for my lap swimming. I love doing lap swimming. This is the time I usually can destress, think, reflect without any disruption. And today, while I was swimming laps, I thought about the year that just passed.

On any given day, I don’t usually feel special. I am always on auto pilot thinking that I am small ( not physically. Physically am pretty chubby :D) , insignificant, and boring. When I talk to people at social setting, I usually find the conversation went dead very quickly because I don’t have any interesting things to contribute in the conversation. But today while I was swimming laps, I reflected on the last one year and thought about what has happened. I decided to list them.

  1. For the first time in my life, I started wearing bikini.
  2. After 2 and half years of side hustling, I now have a website!
  3. I quit church. (It’s a long story. But I have been Christian almost all my life. And my faith has gone through many rides but I never quit church before. But the year 2022 has been the year I decided that I want to stop doing things for the sake of doing it. I want to stop caring what people think. I want to stop following the path that is familiar. I am still a Christian. I still pray. I just decided to stop going and serving in church.)
  4. On that same token, I also stop expecting much. I read something in this novel I read, something along the line that the key to happy marriage is low expectations. 😀 Sure, it’s funny. But it’s not totally wrong. I realised I stopped nagging. I realised I stopped comparing my husband to other (fictional) men. I stopped trying to make my marriage looked like what I thought marriage supposed to look like. It wasn’t easy and it happened gradually. And I realised I am happier now. My husband and I have better relationship now.
  5. I read 61 books this year. And one of them was more than 700 pages ( The Hour I First Believed, by Wally Lamb. What an amazing journey that was)
  6. I tried more than 2 dozens new recipes from this book that I bought end of last year. If you know me, you know I am pretty useless when it comes to cooking. But Adam Liaw recipe book was so easy to follow and the cooking method is simple and not complicated. And there are so many successful recipes for my family in this book. I strongly recommend this cook book if you’re simply looking for simple dinner meals for your family that they bound to love.

Anyway, so that’s my 2022. . I managed to accomplish abit this year. I feel that it’s something I need to be proud of. 😀 I still think I would most likely have nothing to contribute in a conversation at social setting, but I would like to think that maybe I am not that ‘small’ after all. I did not bad in 2022. 😀