I’ve lived with psoriasis for almost half of my life. So you’d think I have got used to the pain, the itch, the stare, the questions and well intentioned unsolicited advice. And on good days, yes,… yes I have. But on bad days, they still brought me down. And it’s been bad months. And it’s been making me sad. And then recently Ben randonly out of the blue said “mummy, your skin made you unique”.

So year… I guess it does. And I hope everyone has a ‘Ben’ in their lives too… who reminds you how imperfectly perfect you are. 🙂

I posted the drawing recently and had a few feedbacks from concerned friends. One friend sent me a link to another woman on Instagram who has psoriasis, but she’s like an influencer on body positivity. I swear I had never come across one before and it was such a relief to see I wasn’t the only one. Actually that sounds stupid, of course I know I wasn’t the only one. But now i understand what it means when they said ‘representation matters’. Because it felt really good to see another Asian lady with psoriasis on social media with so many followers and she wasn’t afraid to show her skin. I immediately followed her too and reposted one of her reels. She kindly reposted my drawing after and suddenly I have alot more likes and followers that I had been in my previous post. In fact, that recent post managed to gain 102 likes. That was my first! ha.

So I guess, that’s one positive thing that came out from this shitty skin situation.